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The industry of visual arts has many voices. This company is set to make a unique voice in the visual presentation of illustration and animation. The essential root to this collective is to make outstanding graphics that intertwine the traditional techniques and reintroduce it through the domain of the digital realm.


Envisioning a world through story telling of books, illustrations along with animation and packaging the distinctive disciplines into one media is an idealized form of movies but it holds so much potential to being more than a linear story telling device. Video games is that platform to engross a viewer in a world that would further envelope a captive audience by way of interactivity. Our goal here is to make a world that appreciates the input of our readers and it is a ground breaking event realized in the form of conceptual abstractions into the manifestations of idealized worlds that will be rendered through our illustrative posters, covers or pages of sequential art. Our goal is to bring the medium of interactivity by way of the digital platform to engage the still life imagery we would produce tangibly through our printed books and bring it to life through motion comic books, banners, posters and future platforms that will change the visual landscape.



Procedural iteration of conceptual designs is the foundation to begin each project.



Finessing concepts into refined illustrations and other media are initial steps to realization.



Bringing static imagery into the dynamic realm of dimensional realm of possibilities.



Packaging the aforementioned distinct disciplines together by way of interactivity.


“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

- Albert Einstein



Eric Villanueva (founder) a twenty five year career professional in the illustrative and graphic design industry and has experience in all forms of media from t-shirt graphics, poster illustrations, animation and game design. An aspiring graphic novel artist and creator who has a passion for animation and sequential arts. Combining all the disciplines of the visual medium is the forward trajectory that I would like to see the comic and graphic novel books which has been experiencing a strangle hold by corporate control or divisive agendas which has stagnated the imaginative possibilities of up and coming creators. I hope to be among the fore runners in an evergreen movement of creators willing to go beyond the drawing board to reach the public consciousness whose untapped potential of creativity can be jostled from their daily routines who have been subjugated to a mere drone. Be the pilot of your own narrative and untether yourselves from the media programming.


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