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Always on the pursuit towards excellence.



The industry of visual arts has many voices. This company is ready to break its’ silence by generating a unique voice to the visual medium. The source of inspiration for this endeavor is by creating the use of old techniques and blending it through the digital medium which opens a variety of methods at our fingertips to solve improbable scenarios.


Envisioning a world through the imaginative descriptions of storytelling and by capturing a visual cross section of those ideas rendered across storyboards which can be further accentuated through the use of animatics to capture emotion, when these distinct disciplines are combined, they makeup the backbone to create the ultimate artistic expression to exist which is movies. With that said, comic books and graphic novels is a foundation to further develop it into a movie but a new level of audience participation is being developed by creators whose ingenuity gave birth to a new genre that faces an audience whose interest on tablet computers steadily grows and the content creators rapidly fill the demand. It has embarked creators onto a new approach of visual storytelling known as motion graphic novels. However, the potential to becoming more than a linear storytelling device has been expanded upon and that has become our modern day cinema know as video games. By engaging them into several methods of interactivity, this platform can engross a viewer onto a world that would further envelope them in hours of gameplay by becoming a captive audience.

Our goal here is to make a world that appreciates both movies and video games and blur those distinctions by cornering a market of readers whose overstimulation can be tempered through the curated engagement of our work. We imagine conceptual constructs in our minds and methodically render these immersive environments in all forms of media. We then take those conceptual designs and expand the palette by injecting personas or moods within our work. The creative process is finally embodied with a relatable character and/or ambient tone to an environment. Then we look towards the viewers’ and readers’ testimonial account as a litmus test. Through digital animation and interactivity, we can concisely communicate nuanced points that may not have been conveyed clearly through the static image of an illustration. Now is the time for this company to break new ground on an approach to digital graphic novels or motion comic books that will be evolutionary as well as revolutionary. The commodities of printed books may run the initial push or run in conjunction with their digital counterparts which can be motion comic books, promotional animated banners, limited animation posters or billboards, serialized movie trailers or web episodic productions and other future platforms that will engage viewers more to our work.



Iteration of conceptual designs are the foundation to begin each project.



Finessing concepts into illustrations and other media are the initial steps to realization.



Constructing still life imagery towards the realm of dimensional possibilities.



Packaging all of the distinct disciplines together by way of interactivity.


“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

- Albert Einstein



Eric Villanueva (founder) a twenty five year career professional in the illustrative and graphic design industry and who has experience in all forms of media from t-shirt graphics, poster illustrations, film animation and game design. An aspiring graphic novelist who has a passion for animation and sequential arts.

Combining all the disciplines of the visual medium is the prime initiative for this company and by entering with a new approach in the comic book or graphic novel industry, we face a stagnation of ideas from the invasive corporate control whose interest is wholly set on profits rather than pursuing the merit-able quality of its’ iconic characters. The corporations that own the “Big Two”(Marvel & DC) push their narratives onto their intellectual properties. The divisive agendas which were derived from a collective body they’ve hired onto their boards have plagued the industry with a doctrinal awareness of socially engineering a malleable generation to be obedient community members. They also disavow individualism by stifling burgeoning creators and silencing the contrarian views that negates the dynamic aspect of a societal dichotomy to exist, in which a civilization seizes from flourishing in all aspects of creativity and ingenuity.

I hope to be among the forerunners in an evergreen movement of creators willing to go beyond the drawing board and reach the public consciousness. Patrons that supports us has an untapped creative potential which can be jostled from their daily routines. It is by empowering individuals that I work towards reaching a benchmark of excellence which allows us to compete in an arena of mediocrity. From an aspiring perspective, we look to those who has treaded a path to their success and we begin to create our own journey. Be the pilot of your own narrative and untether yourselves from the media programming.